Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blind Side Project Help

Last season I ran a pilot study on valuing offensive linemen. Some of the results are described here. The results are promising, but are clearly lacking in usefulness as only a sample of games of a few teams are covered. In order to move the process forward, I am looking for a few reliable volunteers who would be willing to assist in collecting the data. If you are willing to spend hours watching and re-watching plays to collect the needed data, I want to hear from you. All consistently contributing volunteers will have access to the complete data set.

The data collection requires some basic understanding of offensive line play as well as some training on a specific game to insure high quality and consistent data. If you are interested, please send an email to: quantsports at gmail dot com. In the email, please rate you knowledge of offensive line play and explain your rating. Also, please indicate which team(s) you would want be able to cover (you must have your own video access that can rewind and pause the games you chart) and how many games you would be able to do in a week (games typically take 2 to 3 hours to complete for experienced trackers).

Thank you to all willing volunteers.

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  1. I might suggest that the videos are done in a mpeg or other digital media setting. That way then can be viewed on a computer which would make analysis much easier. I used to do work measurement as an Industrial Engineer this way and it helped a great deal. In fact it might be even worth it to hire a software developer to make a actual video player that can also log and tally stats of aspects that the user is viewing.